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* DO NOT upload "Workbench Disks", "Kickstart ROMs/Disks" & software or music files still supported/for sale.
* DO NOT upload APC & TCP Software.
* No "Emplant", "Super-Card Ami", "Fusion", "PCx" or "A-Term" Amiga software.
* No iBrowse software. Still available for sale at
* From C64 TOSEC, no "Super Parameters Golden Oldies", "Top Secret Stuff", "Graphic Label Maker", "Kracker Pack", "X-Rated Game", "New Error Logger", "Super-Card" or "V-Max Nibbler".

Further, you accept that the ~Uploads folder is not a permanent storage location. If you upload something, it is up to you to inform a FTP admin to move the files to a valid location outside the ~Uploads folder.

Your personal upload folder will be emptied periodically. When this happens have yet to be decided so expect it at any time for now.

If you have your own set or kit you want to share, you can get full access to a folder outside of ~Uploads to manage it directly. This also applies if you have uploads that you feel does not fit anywhere in the existing structure.

You may use the following threads if you do not know who to talk to directly: EAB or SAFIR (Swedish)