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The Bar-Kays

Publicity photo for 'Flying High On Your Love', the Bar-Kays' first gold seller, released  in 1978. Thanks to Eva Kovacs at PolyGram Sweden for digging it up from the vaults.
The Bar-Kays, 1978.
Back row, from left to right: Charles Allen, Frank Thompson, Winston Stewart, James Alexander, Michael Beard and Harvey Henderson.
Front row, left to right: Lloyd Smith, Larry Dodson, Sherman Guy and Mark Bynum.
Larry Dodson 1996 Interview
Harvey Henderson 1996 Interview
Where Are They Now?
Larry Dodson (RealAudio) Sound Clip

I, Maria "Funkyflyy" Granditsky would like to express my gratitude towards the following people for their assistance in making the Bar-Kays' Web page possible: First and foremost to Larry Dodson & Harvey Henderson of the Bar-Kays. Thank you both for the long and frank conversations, where you so kindly shared your memories. It couldn't have happened without you! Thanks to Jack for the two scans and that track list I needed so badly. Thanks to Jon Dakss, for pushing me and reading some of my drafts. A big o'le hug goes out to Stefan "Bee Pee" Roos, Keyo and to my main man, 'puter wiz Mats " E-Cool-I" Persson. I swear I won't try to save images to the com port again. To Uncle "Bice" Funk: Pluck! Where's the cork-screw? Thanks for being supportive. Thanks to Stephen M.Clark, Yoni Neman, Marc Belterman, Andreas Malmberg and Uwe Zeiger, who all submitted data to the discography.

Help Needed!
Any information you might have is most welcome, especially concerning catalogue numbers and B-sides on the singles discography. Your contributions to The Bar-Kays pages are much appreciated and you will be credited. If you have videos, photos or live footage that you're willing to trade or sell, please write to me.

Stephen M.Clark is probably is one of The Bar-Kays' most loyal fans and a collector galore. He is looking for "Soul Finger", "Gotta Groove", "Black Rock" and "Cold Blooded" on original pre-recorded cassettes. Write to: time@traveller.com.


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